The World God only Knows S3 episode 8: Chihiro time!

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Haqua gets captured by the New Hell police after discussing a possible traitor, while Apollo refuses to wake up so she can pray to cleanse the city of evil. As for Keima, he decides to conquer Chihiro first and assumes that she holds a Goddess; he finally is about to kiss her when the episode ends.


I love this conquest! Now, how to talk this out without spoiling anything… I can’t truly say my feelings for this episode because it would spoil too much, but I’ll still try my best to give a good impression of the episode.

We can begin this with the first half of the episode, which was all about the actual plot of this season; remember about that? It was about time for us to get a refresher on what is actually going on in the world right now: Vintage being evil and capturing Goddesses and all… Why, that we don’t know yet, but at least we got a bit more information on them in this episode. The main thing we learned is that Dokurou, the Head Chief, is probably a traitor that works for Vintage. Which, in itself, is a huge problem… Especially with Haqua’s capture. It seems like she won’t be able to help out Keima anymore… Now that’s bad.

world god apolloIt also seems like Apollo isn’t waking up anytime soon. First, she had 4 days to live, then another week left, and now it seems like she still has another 3 days to “pray” for whatever that may do to the city (personally, I think “cleansing” it for whatever extra percentage of luck it might add is pretty useless, but anyways). I thought it interesting to see (almost) all Goddesses together for once; Keima’s harem is growing, and it’s never good to have all the jealous ladies come together for a meeting. One day they’ll start throwing fists… And Keima will feel the pain for sure. He is a player and an insensitive asshole, after god harem

And now, moving on to Chihiro’s re-conquest. She definitely has feelings for Keima… But somehow, things are going too well… Ayumi’s feelings are patched up for now, but it’s obvious that she still feels something for him. Whether she’s a Goddess or not doesn’t matter, she’s sure to cause trouble somewhere; it would be too easy otherwise.

world god chihiro shyMeanwhile, Chihiro’s affection levels are up the roof… That girl is so incredibly plain, and yet so cute! Seeing her move forward a bit and surprise Keima many times reminded me of her first conquest, where she completely screwed his mind over and made him hide in his room for days. She just has a way of doing things… But unlike Yui, she still has kept her feminine side and still accepts to be led on by Keima sometimes, therefore she doesn’t lose her cute side… I really like that girl. She’s nothing special compared to all the others, but I can’t think of any other girl more awesome than Chihiro… Shiori is close second, but Chihiro’s conquests are simply too amazing for me to forget about her.

Next episode will most likely complete the Chihiro conquest, but considering the producers didn’t finish it directly this episode, I can only think that things won’t be so easy after all. Ayumi will probably come into play and do something. We will see next episode!

Meanwhile, maids.

Meanwhile, maids.

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  1. elior1 says:

    oh my god it happen next week i gonna cry alot

    • Myst says:

      I could barely hold myself in in the last scene of this episode, I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when it actually happens 🙁

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