The World God Only Knows S3 episode 9: the Wrong Choice

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Well, that was fucking depressing.

I knew what was going to happen and I cried like a little kid… I can’t imagine what the Chihiro scene was like to non-manga readers. Compared to the manga, I can only say that the animated version of the scene was a lot more emotional and touching than its original counterpart. The OST, the animation, the pauses… *sobsobsob* This episode was terrible. I hate life.

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I feel like I should hate Keima for turning things around the way he did and being mean to Chihiro like that. The reason that I don’t is because he really had no choice… For Chihiro not to have a Goddess in her, means that he literally had to stop the conquest right there; if he kept going and allowed Chihiro to think that he likes her, then his conquest with Ayumi would have been destroyed… After all, those two are really good friends.

world god keima deadAnother reason I’m not mad at Keima is because, from what we saw, it’s only obvious that Chihiro broke down some walls within Keima’s heart. His many blushing faces throughout the whole scene proved it, and I’m certain that his feelings were way out in the open for once, and he had fallen in love with a real girl. All of a sudden, he had to shut those off and go back on everything he did; no wonder Keima had such a robot face when he turned her down. He shut off his emotions as much as he destroyed Chihiro’s. I honestly feel terrible for him, especially since I’ve always wanted him to start liking the real world a little more. The character development he showed just then was incredible… And also terribly godkeima blush

Another part which I particularly enjoyed (without crying, this time) was Chihiro’s real confession. Unlike with all the other girls, you can’t say that she was simply influenced by Keima’s conquest, or by the loose soul inside her… She’s actually loved him all this time. This is the part where my romance radar turns on and goes blaring as I start fangirling. Yep, you got that right, there is some actual romance in this show, not just calculated conquests! After all this cuteness shown from false romance, imagine the cuteness we can get from a real one (although it seems like they’d rather go with drama than cuteness right now…).

world god ayumi pissedBut enough about the first part of the show; unfortunately, I have to move on and start talking about other things. Now that Ayumi has seen just how much of a jerk Keima can be, one can expect her to completely fall out of love and never open her feelings to that guy ever again. I mean, who would want to do that anyways… He is a freakin’ asshole. The only problem to that is, obviously, that Ayumi’s goddess absolutely needs to come out… Or else the world is screwed. How Keima will accomplish that unattainable goal, I dunno, but he’ll definitely have to pull off some grandiose trick in order to come back from that huge mistake he did. He should have never made such an assumption that Chihiro was the one with the Goddess in her… Now he has to forget how much of an ass he is and try to convince Ayumi otherwise. Good luck, pal.

world god petsWe are also learning a lot more about Vintage this time; seems like they want to start a new petting zoo and expand it to the whole World. For now, that’s pretty much all we know of their plan, but next episode should clarify even more, at least according to the preview. We will also get to witness Ayumi’s conquest this time. The first girl that Keima has ever conquered holds the last Goddess… Go out and save that World, Keima! I get the feeling that he needs to to exactly that if he wants to redeem himself after doing something so terrible…

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