The World God only Knows S3 episode 11: Ayumi’s conquest

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After all the mistakes he has done, Keima begins to reconstruct his relationship with Ayumi by visiting her house at night. Many events then unfold, until Ayumi asks Keima to marry her to prove that he is serious; that which Keima accepts. Meanwhile, Vintage is chasing after them, trying to find the two remaining Goddesses all around town.


Well, I guess each conquest has its ups and downs… This one’s particularly bumpy, however. I was right last week: Ayumi’ll be tough to bring back from all the mistakes Keima made.

None the less, I can see improvements from the way Ayumi felt last week. Slowly but surely, with Keima’s declarations of love he’ll reach her heart and finish the conquest. The only thing that gets me wondering is just how he plans to keep this marriage thing going. Is Keima really going to turn everything around after everything with Vintage is over and just ditch her completely? I know he conquered all other girls and that he’ll have to somehow manage them as well, but Ayumi’s case is a little more serious since he literally did everything to erase the doubts in her heart… For him to turn around and say he’s lied to her would be even worse than when he did the same to god ayumi hug

Talking about Chihiro, I’ll admit that her reasoning abilities kind of got me scared for a bit there. She might have thought it a good idea to cut herself out of the picture, but the way she did it was so risky that I almost lost a little bit of respect for her. But, you know, it’s Chihiro… And she had good intentions, so I’ll forgive her for at least trying to help him out.

Yaaay, stalkers.

Yaaay, stalkers.

Somehow, she’s pretty cool headed about the whole thing; surprised, obviously, but she doesn’t act like a girl who’s completely overwhelmed by the situation all of a sudden. Moreover, now that she knows what’s happening with Keima, she can probably understand a little bit more why he turned her confession down… Kind of. Too bad Haqua didn’t have the time to tell her about anything, because that might have stirred up something interesting… Then again, I guess this isn’t exactly the right time to pull another shit load of drama.

Meanwhile, Vintage is on the move, the suspense is rising, and we are coming closer and closer to the ending of the series altogether. There is only one episode left, one person left to conquer (and her conquest is almost over), and one day left before Vintage conquers the World. That is, before its plans are foiled… Because if they’re not, that would be a terrible god lune

I’m feeling this slight emotion of sadness overcoming my heart as I realize that this third season will most definitely be the last one. The way that the manga is progressing does not allow for a fourth season without a fifth and probably a sixth, and although the show is popular I doubt that they will go so far as to animate the whole series altogether. I find that at least ending the Goddess Arc was a great idea; it gave the show an actual ending, instead of leaving it open-ended on a cliff-hanger that would never actually make you fall down the cliff. But, enough about the series’ end… We can discuss this next week, when the final episode comes about. For now, let’s just wonder what will happen to Ayumi and Keima’s wedding…

P.S.: I dunno what Ayumi was thinking when she went into the bathtub right after Keima called her to say he was coming over, but if she didn’t want him to see her body then she really should improve her decision-taking skills. There’s always a limit to not believing someone when they say they’ll be coming for a visit… *sigh*

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