World Trigger episode 1 [First Impression]: Generic Kid Show

World Trigger stupid animation

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 It is clear World Trigger is definitively not a show aimed at someone who’s past 13 years old. The show is so childish that it is painful to watch as someone who is unable to pass for a child anymore. From the art style to the characters or the theme of the show, everything in this show has “CHILDREN” written all over it.

World Trigger bullied

So it might be difficult to make a proper assessment of the show for it’s target audience…and therefore I won’t. I’ll just discuss the show as seen from my young adult male perspective. The show had so many cliché, the show had so many plot hole and so little originality it was painful just to watch this episode from start to end. I could have skipped half the episode and I wouldn’t have liked or hated the show any more.

The first thing that struck me with this show is how little budget it seems to have. The art style is minimalist and the animations are straight out of a 90’s anime. During the introduction of the story we didn’t even get animation, we were just shown a slideshow of pictures explaining what happened. It definitively makes it more difficult to take the show seriously when there is so little time and effort put into it. What made it even worse is that the initial premise of the show is exactly the same as Z/X Ignition or close to it. I felt I was watching a kid reboot of the show, everything in the show actually felt like it came from somewhere else. There was not a single concept showing any kind of originality here, I’ve seen everything this show has to offer before in another anime.

World Trigger coming out of the rift

It goes without saying that I won’t be blogging nor watching this show. It can most likely be a fun anime for a younger audience, but the show also tries to be more mature than it is and it makes for a really weird mix, I would be hard pressed to recommend this show even to a kid. It is a big pass on that one, you shouldn’t try to watch this, you would be wasting your time.

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