Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru episode 1 [First Impression]: Teenagers are boring

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I might not be the best choice to cover a romcom since I’m not a big fan of the genre, but I’ll try my best to give an appropriate review for this show, because I don’t think it was all that bad. Just keep in mind my bias and lack of experience in Romcom when you read this first impression.

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The characters in the show are quite standard if you take the general approach. It seems that you can see this setup just about anywhere and everywhere, a loser guy who meets a tsundere and a dumb girl. That kind of romcom is so prevalent that it becomes boring just seeing that the same setting is used once again, but I guess that they are so popular because people must like them. Having said that, this show makes a good job with the characters, they might fit the general model, but they are deeper and more interesting than most characters. It seems that the show is more intelligent and philosophical than most romcom and there seems to be a real moral behind everything, not just a story to please the teenager girl on their period.

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The show was also quite funny, I can’t really say that I would really label that show a comedy, since the jokes were far from each other, a bit weak and never really the focus of the show. I guess humour was a good tool to always calm the atmosphere after a long psychological conversation between the club members. It is difficult to tell right now if this show will stay as a simple romance or if it will turn into some harem, after all we already have two potential love interest after only a single episode and the show could easily add additional character considering the concept of the volunteering club. I hope it doesn’t turn into a harem though, it would kind of defeat the purpose and goal of the characters, harem are always terrible if ecchi is not involved.


I obviously won’t be covering this show, because as I previously stated I’m not too much into romcom, but any romcom lover might very well really love this teenager romantic comedy. I might watch an episode or two more to judge if I risk myself at watching this show, but it is quite unlikely that I will spend much time on the romcom when there are so many science-fiction show this season.  Instead I’ll let the fangirl have this one and just watch them with a weird look and wonder why the hell they like this genre of show so much.

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