Yoru no Yatterman episode 1 [First Impression]: Coming At You From The 70’s

Yoru no Yatterman new super team

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 Let me preface by mentioning I never watched the 70’s show this is based on, nor did I ever actually heard of it. I’m getting into this with no knowledge of what I’m about to watch and what I am to expect.

From my impression, Yoru no Yatterman looks like a splendid nostalgic remake of an old adventure. I do not exactly understood all the reference and what was part of the original series and what was new, but I assumed most of the story was a setup to make some kind of repeat of the original. This first episode really clearly set the tone for the anime and I must say it did have a splendid beginning that gives a clear idea of what is to come from now on. A little trio of thieves are going to infiltrate the “heaven on earth” of the Yatterman and be the little Robin Hood of their time.

Yoru no Yatterman main girl

There are some very 70’s kind of thing about this anime which were rather annoying to deal with though. A lot of old tropes don’t translate very well anymore. For one, little companion critters are something of the past and make anything look childish and stupid nowadays. Even kids show have gone away from talking critters for the most part. Another major annoyance of Yoru no Yatterman was the high pitches voice of the main character. That little girl sure has an annoying screech on her, sometimes I think it would be okay for Japanese voice actor to reduce their pitch just a bit, my ears have their limits.

Yoru no Yatterman aspiring heroes

Unfortunately, despite the show looking pretty good, I cannot say I was a huge fan. It had a decent production, the characters were pretty well done too, but I’m just not into this genre of anime anymore. I feel like despite the 13+ rating, this show is a bit too childish and reminiscent of the childhood cartoon I used to watch as a kid and I cannot say I am a huge fan of nostalgia. I will skip this, but I’m sure a very specific group of people will fawn over seeing this coming to the air once again. I would still recommend this to everyone who enjoy those “Robin Hood” kind of adventure, this is certainly not a bad anime.

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2 Responses to Yoru no Yatterman episode 1 [First Impression]: Coming At You From The 70’s

  1. unknoWn says:

    Wow… you should reconsider that… 80% of read reviews of yatterman anime consider it “enjoyable”.

    • Zeroghj says:

      Well, you do need some people to say otherwise to get that 20% who didn’t find it enjoyable. I don’t think it was bad either, I am just pretty neutral towards it.

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