Yozakura Quartet : Hana no Uta episode 1 [First Impression]: Unappealing

Yozokura Quartet fair

Yozakura Quartet is a supernatural show about 4 student supernatural guardian who protect the town from evil beasts. The art is pretty terrible and old fashioned, the story is childish and generic and the show is rather slow for this kind of story. I don’t think Yozakura Quartet has many chances airing in the middle of Fall with the other big shows, it will most likely get eaten by the competition as the art quality and speed of the show are just inferior in many ways to the other shows out there right now.

Yozokura Quartet catching fishes

The show itself wasn’t bad as it is, but the production and art was so poor that it just didn’t sell well to me. The show wasn’t fun to look at and things happened so slowly that I quickly got disinterested. It didn’t help that although the show had some light ecchi and free panty shot, it seemed to be mostly aimed at a younger audience. The characters and the setting is really happy and bright, there was little drama or horror from the look of things and every conflict should be straight forward. For those reason Yozakura Quartet feels rather weak and difficult to like, especially since there are so many awesome shows coming out already.

Yozokura Quartet mahou shoujo

The show could have probably be a lot better if only it had more budget and production value, but seeing as it is lacking I will have to pass on it. I don’t recommend this show to anyone, although I wish I could. The show seems like it had honest effort to be good, but they just failed to make it click with me. I won’t be blogging or watching Yozakura Quartet, maybe better luck next time.

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