Yumekui Merry Episode 5: I Finally Have a Reason to Keep Blogging This!

To be honest, last week when I said I was giving the show one more week to redeem itself, in my head it was already down the drain. I watched most of this episode and it didn’t impress me much.

But then, the last 5 minutes happened. This…Is… GREAT and I’m definitely curious to see as to how all this will turn out!

Alright, so I’ll skip the first 18 minutes for the summary, because they are completely useless. Another Dream Demon shows up, Merry encounters it accidentally, blabla Daydream blabla intense moment. I was getting seriously bored of the fight Merry was once again winning inconceivably against an opponent wielding a sword twice as big as her while she was doing absolutely nothing, which doesn’t make sense when all of a sudden we learn that the Dream Demon which Merry is fighting against, Play, wants to kill all the Dream Demons living in the human world which is already a tad different, maybe this time the outcome of the fight will be different?. We then also find out SURPRIIIISE! that it is impossible to send back or go back to the Dream World once you are in the Human World. So, basically, what Merry has been doing since the beginning was killing Dream Demons! KILL-ING. I mean, finally there’s some badass, intense, not-fairytale-like action happening! Since it is also apparently impossible for Merry to go back to the Dream World, she is now completely devastated. With this in mind, Play then takes out 20 million swords from where…? and starts pinning Merry to a rock with the intention of getting rid of her COMPLETELY. As in, KILL HER., however Yumeji, being in the background, decides “I don’t wanna be a wimp, let’s try and KICK SOME ASS” and then apparently he goes in front of Merry to take the hit or something because said Dream Eater yells out Yumeji’s name dramatically and the episode ends.


Alright, well I’ve said pretty much all I wanted already in the last paragraph, but holy shit. This is getting good, and I’m really hoping I won’t get deceived again during the next few episodes. Ok, I’ll admit it, the fight was still pretty pathetic, and most of the episode wasn’t that great. However, the predictableness of the latest episodes wasn’t there as much, and the end had such a great plot twist that I’m really curious as to how this’ll go.

I also liked how most characters weren’t actually wimps in this episode. Play’s vessel wasn’t being manipulated easily so she wasn’t a wimp, Play herself definitely wasn’t a wimp and could actually fight and not be defeated by having her cheek pinched, and most of all Yumeji actually had the balls to do something and not be a wimp.

Oh damn. She's pissed.

So anyways, you may have guessed, but I will be blogging this for yet another week, in hopes that it won’t deceive me once again.

Please please please please please don’t deceive me, Yumekui Merry! …Please?


Episode 6 Notes:

…I tried keeping this show. I really did. I had to force myself to blog it, and then finally I thought last episode would bring it back up. Unfortunately, this childish attempt to make a scary show failed. They made a scary concept, put some romance in, tried to make it a show for older audiences even adding a couple of Ecchi scenes in there, and then they turned around and gave us stupid, childish fight scenes, stupid bond concepts, no blood, no wounds, and even the “ecchi” scenes ended up being childish and stupid. If you’re going to make a show with a darker concept and obviously made for older audiences don’t stop there and suddenly make this for all ages -_-‘. I’m dropping this, hence why this note exists, because I couldn’t bring myself to make a whole post about the episode that came out this week.

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