Yuri Kuma Arashi episode 1 [First Impression]: I’m Beary Sleepy Suddenly

Yuri Kuma Arashi eating her up

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We have truly entered the Winter season to be presented with such weak anime, this kind of show would stand no chance any other season.

The animation style and pace of the show is really slow and seem to “lag”. There is a lot of cut and empty silence between every interaction between the characters. I am not sure if it is simply loosy editing, if it is a style or if the music and soundtrack of the show is simply too soft and empty. If you pair this with the dead feeling every character has in their eyes, you got a show extremely difficult to relate to and it becomes near impossible to take the anime seriously before even getting in the content itself.

Yuri Kuma Arashi bear trial

Even worse, the show has major flaw in its voice acting and sound effects. The voice acting is all so soft, all so stale, it makes me want to sleep and stop watching right there. For a show involving invaders, murder and weapon, I feel like a sleeping butterfly would have more expression and energy than all characters combined in this first episode. Having too many moe voices together has killed any emotion from this anime.

Yuri Kuma Arashi girl love

The actual story and world of Yuri Kuma Arashi is even more ridiculous and stupid which makes me wonder if the whole thing isn’t just a huge inside joke that should have never happened. I’ll be honest, I’m not into Shoujo Ai in the first place, but the story sounds fake and empty, but at least it is somewhat entertaining and stupid enough to raise some interest. The pacing was weird, but if I remove everything: voice acting, art, animation, pacing, the story could actually be interesting for someone into Shoujo Ai or cute stuff in general. I think the source material for this anime must be much better than this anime let it seem.

Yuri Kuma Arashi bear eating girl

I did not enjoy this anime, I was already not interested about its genre and premise, but with a good delivery and production it could have been interesting in some ways. I still believe the show would have been absolutely stupid and impossible to watch unless you just want intense Shoujo Ai to fill your life, Yuri Kuma Arashi seems to be 95% fan service from what I saw, but at least if I didn’t fell asleep halfway through the episode I could at least recommend this to Shoujo Ai lover. As it stands, I don’t believe anyone should watch this show, it is simply too stupid and done too poorly for anyone to be able to justify watching it.

Avoid this.

ZeroGhj signing off

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