Yuushibu episode 2: Magical Power

Yuushibu power refill

How inconvenient to live in this world, you have to charge up your house yourself every day or you run out of magic power to have everything work around the house. It is already bothersome enough to know that you have to do that every single day or things stop working, it is even worse to think that you take your own mana and energy to power everything. I mean imagine if you had to bike every morning to power your house and how awful it would get after a while. No wonder that their hardware store has trouble making sales when so much efforts as to be put in to make everything work.

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Energy conservation would be a completely different matter than what it is today, you are not only saving money here, you are saving your own energy. Furthermore everyone who can’t use magic can’t have those nice furniture, so it is a rather weird market for stores to specialize in. I can perfectly understand how it could make their life easier, but it still seems like an industry yet too young for large scale customer base.

Yuushibu apology

Now I guess I’ve said enough things that no one cares about and maybe I should go into the actual core of the show. Pino is a rather interesting character as she is a complete dummy as to how the human world operate, but I really can’t say I personally enjoyed her presence that much this episode, the focus was mainly on the main character and how he abandoned his future as a hero to work a shitty job instead. I mean I don’t blame him either, I believe he is a realist more than abandoning his dream, after all I feel there is only so much a hero can do without things to be heroic about. What are the other hero going to do meanwhile? Train? I’m pretty sure having a job doesn’t stop you from doing so, if anything working a job actually teach you more about the world, it will get you some cash to eat/sleep and hell, you might even be able to save up to buy that new super weapon that is available. I really think that he chose the best route with the shitty job, because no matter how shitty a job is, it is always better than wasting your life away doing nothing, so keep that in mind kid, the only person lower than that fat middle aged man who works at Wal-mart, is the one who sit at home doing nothing and who is unable to feed his family.

I have decided to blog this show in the end because of the popularity it has. Granted I probably won’t love this show as much as the people who likes it, but I can still appreciate an anime no matter how bad it is…I did blog some really horrible shows in my times (Bleach fillers come to mind).

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