Yuushibu episode 3: Perverted Defective Machine

Yuushibu horny machine

This episode of Yuushibu was a little new and fresher than the first few we saw. What really struck me most while watching it was the racial difference that seemed to be present now between humans and demons. It is a concept that exists since forever and was explored multiple time, it is essentially just racism and the power of the conquering side. It has happened thousands of time over the course of humanity’s long and cruel history, but here is what I mean in more details. Whenever there is a large scale war of some kind, between very different factions or culture, the winning side nearly always ends up being the winner more than in a single way. Nowadays when there is a war, we usually see two side, someone wants a religion to be dominant or to grab land or instigate some new government in a country. At the very least those are the major reason of modern days, but there are still throughout the world many other wars that still involved subjugating another race or culture. For example there was always some hostile rivalry between India and Pakistan, but you can be certain that if a war erupted, the winner of the war would either commit a genocide of the people of the other nation or discriminate against them so heavily that they will become close to dead either way.

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Now away from politics and history and into Yuushibu, all I talk about previously comes into play now because Fino is not only a demon, but she is also the daughter of the tyrant who ruled the Demonic Kingdom. As such she is in even more than danger, the girl might get targeted by a lot of people because of her association with a demonic overlord and I’m actually surprised that she has not been targeted more already. After all while she is agile and strong, she is still unable to use magical power and she is extremely unaware of the way the world works. She acts like a real succubus and shows herself in public naked, which should drawn even more attention onto her. With all of this I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had to hide and protect her eventually as she might become a prime target for vengeful heroes with nothing better to do but seek a fight.

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Another important thing that happened this episode was that Raul identity as a hero was revealed the Pino. At first I figured that it would be a huge issue, since after all his whole purpose in life until recently was to kill Pino’s father, but then again I think I completely underestimated Pino’s innocence and stupidity in the matter. I think she might still not have a clue what a Hero is, why she should hate them and I’m pretty sure that either way she wouldn’t mind knowing Raul is a hero. I have a feeling like not much action will happen in this show other than random ecchi, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see to prove that.

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