Yuushibu episode 4: Changing Job

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Well, I feel kind of stupid now that I have never realized before that Lam was a demon all along. I mean with a name like that she was obviously either a demon or a Spanish inquisitor. I must admit that I never really gave much though about the show and since Lam was a rather boring and unimportant character I never really gave much thought to what she might be hiding and how she could prove important in the show. If anything I figured that she would just be another ecchi material down the role with no real purpose, but it seems that she might be involved in some future problem between human and demons.

Yuushibu new job

The whole (and only) subject of the show is the divide between human and demon. It makes the show rather shallow and boring overall, but some people will be satisfied by the ecchi and horrible boobs. There is definitively a lot of potential with the universe, but it seems like everything is dumbed down to be a comedy/ecchi more than anything else. Problem is, unless you have really good jokes, you can’t make a comedy/ecchi show without a good universe and good characters. Fino, Raul and most other character are really boring and generic, there is really nothing good that can come out of them.

Yuushibu demon friends

So in the end all we are left with is a silly episode where Fino finally managed to do a job half-correctly, she didn’t blow up the whole shop, she didn’t kill any customer and she even learned a bit more about humans and how their world work. I find that Fino side of the story this week was rather boring, but on the other end I found that Raul little and boring day was actually more entertaining than Fino’s. Is constant sexual interest in Nova was rather funny, it is always kind of hilarious to see someone as socially awkward as him in a work environment. The guy is so focus and obsessed by Nova’s butt that it is rather excessive, I mean if you have a fixation like that and the person tells you it is ok and that you are allowed to go for it, there is really no point in holding back. You are afraid to look like a weirdo? Well I figure that looking like a weirdo is much better than acting like a pussy, girls and guys alike would much rather be around confident weirdo than a boring, average and uninteresting straight citizen. No one likes boring, being weird can scare some people away, but those who stays will love you for who you are. Accept who you are, this is the story today guys, don’t hesitate to drift away from the norm, by staying in the norm you will be invisible to everyone around you and yourself. I’ll just conclude on that.

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