Yuushibu episode 5: New Store

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Well, this episode of Yuushibu really had little thing of interest for me to talk about. The competition between different stores was a major theme and the difference between large surface and small local store, but my views of store would have me say that Leon is a shitty worthless store that shouldn’t exist and therefore contradict the general message of the episode.

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I’ve been a clerk in a general store before, the worst job I ever had to be honest. I just have trouble understanding what society we live in that everyone expect to enter a store, ask a random employee about a problem and get a product. To be fair, I don’t understand why you need actual employee to give direction to what is where to begin with. We are now living in a digital era and it sounds alien to me to have human employee give direction and information to the customer when digital alternative are cheaper in the long run and also much more efficient and available. I understand that there is a severe technological divide in the population where most people over ~45 have a hard time coping and adapting to new digital means and that this holds back a lot of store and other service into going completely digital. Then again, I might be a very bad neutral group for digital consumerism because if there is a way for me to buy online rather than in real life, I will do it. I’ve always hated physically shopping for stuff, asking direction and talking to sellers to get information. I’d much rather browse the internet for the information and for customer feedback.

If you meet someone in a store, there is nothing at all that prevents him from lying to you. As I previously mentioned I once worked in the service industry in a retail store and I was lying to just about every single customer I talked to. There is nothing holding you, the information is transmitted to a single customer and most of the time the lies have no future consequence for you. Now if the information is public and online instead, anything said that is false was publicly declared and therefore great financial consequence can come from that. In the end I would much rather trust the word of someone who has something to lose, than a 17 years old with a shitty job, with no training and with no loyalty to the place they work for.

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I guess this post wasn’t much about the episode, but as I stated in the very first few lines, there wasn’t much of interest in this episode I find. To bad, better luck next time to be more on the line.

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