Yuushibu episode 6: Beating the Giant

Yuushibu fat costumer

Well, this episode of Yuushibu managed to be even farther from my general interest than the previous one. We are heading more and more towards the “small shops are the best”, “buy organic and local” kind of story. I have nothing against small business trying to make their way in the world of business, but please at least have a reason to be in business in the first place. Do you know why capitalism works? Because the stuff people wants are bought from places people want to go to. If you give me the choice between going to the local Walmart or random crap McGuy at the corner of the street I’ll definitively go to Walmart. I’m not an out of the loop elderly woman who don’t understand how shit works, I don’t go to a store with no idea of what I want. I’d much rather go somewhere with more choice at lower price than a cramp space with no selection. If I want people to smile at me I’ll go to a strip club, not a furniture store.

Yuushibu old woman

I also find it hilarious that little demon are working to make the TV, it seems like the kind of things people would love to have here. They are inhuman enough that people can’t relate to them and they must probably reproduce fast enough to keep the production line filled at any moment without effort. Since they look like quite the inferior species it would be quite easy to start breeding them for the job and therefore keeping a cheap and abundant workforce available at all time. If big corporation could manage to genetically engineer children to look deform and inhuman and start breeding them, they could easily produce a lot more for cheaper price (although I’m uncertain of the cost of breeding human and if it outweigh the advantage of having free labor afterward).

Yuushibu alien immigrant

All in all it seems that the show is going to be more of a struggle between the little guy and the huge impersonal corporation and to be frank I can’t say I’m quite interested in such an outcome. I’d much rather see them evolve and become a better shop than have them compete and stay mediocre. They need to find their ways and a reason for existing, not just complain when someone is doing better than them. Instead of whining against the competition and blaming everyone for your failure maybe you should start working on improving yourself and finding your direction in life. Why point fingers at everyone doing better than you when instead you can focus on improving who you are and what you do according to your values and morals.

We’ll see for sure what this show will end up being about next episode, not that the show will be about much either way.

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