Yuushibu episode 7: End of Coverage

Yuushibu bad business

Spoiler alert, I’m going to spoil the end of the show even though I have never seen it or heard of it what so ever. The smile infestation will become more and more prevalent, Amada will be the cause of it and it will either close or defeat the chain somehow with Leon becoming the new best shop in town. Yuushibu is so generic and boring it is a mystery to me how the show managed to see the air. I guess at this point there are so little ecchi being made that anything with boobs pass through the anime-test.

Yuushibu naked lady in bed

The episode was so cliché and boring, I feel like I watched a show for a 4 years old…4 years old that love ecchi that is. I tried my best to cover this show seeing as it was the closest thing to a real ecchi and it proved popular at the beginning of the season, but this show is so far much worse than Hataraku Maou-sama ever was, and most of you know how much I found Hataraku Maou-sama to be such a highly overrated such. I tried to find every excuses possible to keep on blogging this, but the ecchi isn’t even present enough to warrant seeing this. This is really just a show about a magical store and if you replace the words magic with electricity you get a story so boring it could be your daily life. The magical store novelty as wore off ages ago and now we are at the 7th episode and the plot to replace the novelty is so shallow and uninteresting that there is really nothing else to talk about for this show. If you enjoy it for its light content and cheerful atmosphere, good on you. It is always great to have this one show that is just stupid enough that you never have to think about it and you can just consume it every week without worries. Unfortunately, I’m blogging shows that I find interesting or those that are really popular and Yuushibu definitively doesn’t fall into those categories anymore.

Yuushibu old man's ass

This will be the last episode of Yuushibu I will be blogging. This fall seasons has many good shows, but curiously enough not many shows have been great this fall. We are simply floating with a huge amount of good and enjoyable story with nothing out of the ordinary to pull out of the crowd (This statement doesn’t include any second seasons, which are all absolutely awesome). I will have made it past the halfway point, but not farther, Yuushibu completely exhausted my imagination, you have to realize that it is rather difficult to discuss into length such a shallow story with dense characters. Enjoy the gallery filled with ecchi pictures, because this is the last you’ll see here.
ZeroGhj signing off.

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