Yuyushiki episode 1 [First Impression] : KILL ME NOW

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I hate all girl shows, I hate slice of life shows, I hate school life shows…why the hell am I watching this at all? This obviously is everything I hate in anime, everything I wish would forever disappear never to be seen again for centuries. I don’t understand what people can possibly like to show like these, I don’t understand what people can possibly enjoy about this show. It was semi-random, completely story-less  the characters are all stupid and shallow and absolutely boring. The jokes were so lame 3 times out of 4 and the one joke that made me react barely managed to make me smile. It just seems that this show was written by an 8 year old with too much time on its hand.


The worst thing about this show is that I’m pretty sure some people will come to say that it is the best thing to air in forever. I simply cannot even begin to understand those people. The art is ordinary, the characters are so empty, the soundtrack is non-present for most of the show and there is no story. I simply find those girl completely weird all in their own way and they just seems so inhuman. I don’t even know where to begin to describe how painful it was for me to watch this episode till the end. The episode was so frustrating to watch because the girl were annoying as all hell. They are so stupid and innocent you just want to make them cry and suffer so they will stop having that huge dumb smile on their face. I especially hated how their eyes were drawn, it drove me crazy.


Unless you haven’t guessed from what I said so far, I won’t be blogging this show, I won’t be watching it, I won’t be recommending it and I will question the sanity of anyone and everyone who praises this show online, those guys freak me out and I just feel there is some cruel reality about the anime world when people somehow fall in love with show like this one.

ZeroGhj signing off

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