Zankyou no Terror episode 1 [First Impression]: Meet the Masters of Chaos

Zankyou no Terror heist begins

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Seeing as I am a big fan of psychological thrillers, it really comes to no surprise that I fell in love with Zankyou no Terror instantly as I began the episode. Just from the very first few scene you get to see the extend of the show and how awesome it will be. I must admit that it is still rather vague and difficult to fully understand what is going on so far, but everything in that universe look so interesting.

Zankyou no Terror Sphinx weather report

We have our 3 main characters already pretty well established, number 9, 12 and Lisa. From the name of number 9 and 12, it is rather evident that there are at least up to 12 member of the “Sphinx” organization they are a part of. They seem like young terrorist who cause mindless chaos and mayhem, at least in this episode. I would probably hate it if the show was just the story of a bunch of anarchist, and by the intelligence and complexity of the operation that Sphinx has pulled off only in the first episode, I would like to think that they have a greater purpose than pure terrorism. I want to learn what their organization is all about, why they are blowing up buildings and stealing nuclear explosives. I want to understand their philosophy, their moral and their goal.

Zankyou no Terror new student

Lisa is an interesting character right now because she seem like just as evident a misfit as the two boys who recruited her. Although despite this, she sure compares poorly in term of awesomeness compared to 9 and 12, those two have a confidence and strength that put them on another level as characters. We only had an ever so slight glimpse of their past and their personality and I have already fallen in love with those two, I think at this point it is impossible to have me unhooked.

Zankyou no Terror twelve

I wasn’t expecting any other explosively awesome anime this season so Zankyou no Terror really comes as a surprise to me, but a really pleasant one. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will cover this show this summer, it is the very definition of what I love in anime and the quality of the production is amazing. Count me in for one hell of a season!

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