Zankyou no Terror episode 11 [Final]: Meaningless Lives

Zankyou no Terror grave of the diseased

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 Life is such a fleeting thing, it comes and it goes, an accumulation of experience that will vanish before you got to appreciate it fully. If there is one thing Zankyou no Terror did well was to reproduce the Greek drama in its story. Everyone died in the end, only the two lone observers were able to live on to tell the tales of the heroes who died. While I was a bit surprised that both Nine and Twelve would lose their life in the end, I was not sad, if anything I was happy for them that they still manages to be remembered before they left this world.

Zankyou no Terror shot down

It suddenly came to be a painful realization when the reason for Twelve to like Lisa so much was revealed. Twelve saw an opportunity, for once, someone care about them. For those two children abandoned at birth, to finally have someone who cared for them must have been a subconscious need very difficult to ignore. Nine and Twelve might have been geniuses, but at the end of the day, even geniuses are human. They were well trained, but deep down, they must have just wanted for a mother to come out of the blue and hug them. They might have been terrorist who used an atomic bomb to EMP most of Japan, but at the end of the day their lives will mostly be forgotten and be meaningless. They lived, they rebelled, they fought to have their suffering known. In the end, the reason they lived was only so people knew how wrong it was that they ever were in the first place.

Zankyou no Terror Nine

You know the saddest part about all this? While the old Japanese government will come under high suspicion and will have harsh consequence for everything that happened, the USA will come out of this mess without a scratch. At the end of the day, the USA were responsible for most of the damage done during the terrorist attacks, which is a bit odd to think about since at the end of the day, both the terrorists and the USA agents were actually pretty much after the same thing and yet fighting one against the other.

Zankyou no Terror detective shibazaki

I won’t do a full review of Zankyou no Terror because of a lack of time, therefore I’ll try to do a quick overview of the show right here and now. Despite how much I love Zankyou no Terror this season, I don’t think it will be the kind of show that will really stick out that much in the future. Zankyou no Terror just felt really too close to Eden of the East to me and despite being an awesome anime, there was not this additional piece of awesome needed to make an anime break into the collective mainstream. Zankyou no Terror had a good pace, interesting character, it had an interesting story…but at the end of the day, there was nothing out of this world that really brought the show to another level. The action scene were a bit rough, the characters were all a bit too cold to really allow someone to become emotionally connected to them. Despite all the drama, the show never involved you emotionally, it only involved you mentally. It remains one of the best show of the season and a really good show, I would give this show an 8 out of 10. Better than average, one of the best show of the season, but not something you have to remember to watch 3 years from now.

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