Zankyou no Terror episode 2: Riddle me this

Zankyou no Terror solving the riddle

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I was very much looking forward to this second episode of Zankyou no Terror because we finally got to have a better feeling of the show and what it will be about. In the first episode we had a lot of character development, but very little information about the plot. Now it has become clear what kind of story is in store for us and I’m looking forward to seeing it develop over the summer.

The first thing of notice this episode is how the focus suddenly went from the terrorist to the police task force. If the first episode really helped us understand the characters of Nine and Twelve, now we got to learn more about who will try to stop them. This whole episode was about setting up the plot and the “enemy” in the show. It makes me really happy that the show has such an anti-hero focus. I love being able to watch a show from the head of the one creating the chaos and destroying the status quo, rather than following the good guys all the time. It is a very refreshing change that doesn’t happen that often in anime anymore, most characters have pretty standard moral and ethic even when they are on the bad side.

Zankyou no Terror setting da bomb

We do not know enough about our protagonist yet, but I somehow absolutely love the way they are extreme bully to Lisa. That girl seems to life a lot of bullshit, but none of it will be as terrible as what she is about to witness I am pretty sure. She became an accomplice of high school boys which stole plutonium from a high security facility, she didn’t make the most grounded of friends. I don’t know if at some point she will get a bigger, more important role in the story, but right now she is the target of so much bullying she must be out of lunch money for the rest of the year already. In the first episode when we saw her I was relieved that she was “saved” by the two terrorist. I thought that finally she could live a life which suits her better, a life where she won’t be looked down and bullied anymore…NOPE! Now she is threatened of death every time she walks down the street, the whole world is looking for her new friends and she is an accomplice to their crime. I’m sure that her wonderful relationship with her mother and dad will look like paradise after just a few more episodes.

Zankyou no Terror constant bullying

This episode had a lot of story progression and it was really fun to see the other side of the fence, but I really hope that we won’t have to wait too long to continue having some development on the side of the Sphinx. It is after all their story and background that motivate this whole show, I cannot wait to understand why the hell they are causing such chaos. They haven’t killed a single person yet, despite threatening Lisa about a dozen time, maybe it is simply to pass a message, maybe it is simply by luck. I am rather curious to know if they simply refuse to kill anyone, or they just didn’t have to yet.

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