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Zankyou no Terror is definitively my favourite new original of this summer, the way the story is split and confront us with the point of view of both the terrorists and the police makes everything so much more enjoyable. It helps blur the line between good and evil, it makes you think and analyze the situation, makes you wonder who you should really root for. Do you have a more chaotic mind who wishes to follow the story of vengeance and terror of Sphinx, or do you rather prone order and justice and side with Shibasaki  and the police department? Both sides have very deep, unique and interesting characters. I think that both side have very similar characters too in many ways, while Sphinx are young, they have experienced betrayal and they were used in the past, now using that knowledge to take revenge on those who made them suffer. Meanwhile Shibasaki  has experience and is just as intelligent as the two. He knows what he is doing, but he doesn’t seem to be after revenge, he simply wants to keep his small tranquil life for what it is worth and stop putting his nose where it doesn’t belong.

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Now, seeing as this is a thriller, it is rather obvious that both side are connected eventually. We already have had enough hint to say with confidence that the conspiracy Shibasaki was investigating involves the kids from Sphinx in some way. We’ve already had enough hint and foreshadowing this episode to be able to deduce that much at the very least. We already knew that Sphinx were part of some kind of secret training project which went wrong, but now we learn that Shibasaki was investigating something big involving important political official and the head of the police force. I feel there is just too much thing working together here to just be two divergent stories.

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One thing that I stated in a previous episode which I am not so sure of anymore is the number of member inside Sphinx. It is known now that nine and twelve were the name assigned to them in their special program, it also appear that the two of them were the only one (or close) to have survived. So my previous assumption that many people were part of Sphinx seems to hold a lot less ground suddenly. Even worse, I just realized that “One” and “Two” in the videos are just about the same person in term of height and hair colour to Nine and Twelve…so it is probably just them changing their names. I could still be wrong on this, but it wouldn’t surprise me if those two were the only member of the organization in the end. Then again, this show seems really good at sending people into false directions, so it is difficult to know for sure.

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Lastly, I’m really curious what kind of role Lisa will play in all of this. It remains obvious that she will have some kind of great involvement in the show at some point considering we keep on seeing her despite her complete lack of relevance in current events, we keep learning more about her and her relation to her mother…but why? When will all this make sense to everyone. Currently she constitute the biggest riddle in my head, how will this little girl, this little bullied soul, will come to play a role in act of terrorism and nuclear weapon is something I have yet to understand. The suspense is simply great, I cannot wait for more every week!

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