Zankyou no Terror episode 4: Want to Play a Game?

Zankyou no Terror anti-bomb game

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How creepy would it be, for terrorist to have you play a game and find out that your name be the answer to it? How creepy would it feel that the people which you are chasing know so much more about you than you ever expected? They know your job, your background, your name, your age, your blood type…everything. There is something really psychologically terrifying in the way Sphinx are working together to bring chaos to the police force. It is one thing to challenge the police, it is something completely different when they figure out who the only individual in there who is intelligent enough to play their game is. Now two things might happen, either Shibasaki will get a promotion in power and get even more say into who goes where when it comes to Sphinx as to avoid future fuck up, or the police will get rid of him to try and prevent Sphinx from targeting and toying with the police furthermore. Will Shibasaki turn into a hero or a martyr for his fellow policemen? I am eager to find out how he will end up in the next few episode.

Another person I am eager to find out what happens to her in the next few episode is definitively Lisa. That girl was just running around without purpose for a while now, but now she is once more one step closer to getting what she wants. She can join a group of terrorist who will destroy the world she hates, someone who will take her away and bring chaos and destruction to everything she wants to leave behind. Unfortunately for her, it seems that Sphinx has no intention of bringing chaos to her world, rather their only interest seems to be with the police and a certain branch of the government. They want revenge for everything that was done to them, or so it seems anyway. Lisa seems like a very volatile element to the terrorist duo and I wouldn’t trust her to be near or away from them. At this point I feel like the only good Lisa is a dead Lisa, that girl will jeopardize their mission if she keeps things up. She already made quite a mess for Twelve since he had to have his face seen on a motorcycle while speeding off in a chase with the police. When it comes to doing things which might make you noticed, pissing off the police is definitively way up there on the chart of things NOT to do.

I think that so far, what I like most of all about Zankyou no Terror is the dynamic between the two sides. Seeing the weaknesses and strength of the two people investigating and playing with one another. This is somewhat reminiscent of Death Note in a way, when Light and L where playing mind games with each other. Only difference is that it is much more serious and realistic in Zankyou no Terror, although I would still love if Nine started eating potato chips dramatically. That said, I nominate Zankyou no Terror as the best show of the season hands down. Sword Art Online and Aldnoah.Zero might be great shows, but nothing beats an intense serious psychological war between two intelligent opponent.

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