Zankyou no Terror episode 5: A new Rival

Zankyou no Terror Five has arrived

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As much as I expected the character of Five to eventually show up since she appeared in the opening, I wasn’t sure she would actually grow up to be the evil in this story. Between the two terrorist looking for vengeance and the brilliant detective playing against one another, I wouldn’t have expected for another more chaotic layer to set in this already rather chaotic story.

Zankyou no Terror Sphinx

After seeing how the show was going in the past few episode, it seems evident that Shibazaki and Sphinx were starting to get quite along together. In the end, while they are against one another, they have vested interest in their games. Both sides were trying to corner the same people, it just so happen that they are at two completely opposite spectrum of society. I won’t be surprised in the least if Shibazaki eventually meet Sphinx and work directly with them in order to achieve his vengeance. Therefore it makes sense that a new character had to be introduce to give a reasonable challenge to everyone involved. It also makes sense that the only person strong enough to fight against Sphinx is someone who comes from the same institution.

Zankyou no Terror Five

There are so many questions I want to ask, but there is so little definite answers available. From what it seems by the flashback of Nine, Five was the girl who was left behind when Five and Twelve escaped the institution. She was the one who wasn’t strong enough to escape. Yet in the memories she was burned by flames, but it is difficult to tell if she ever died or simply never managed to escape. To be fair, Five and the girl in those memories could be two completely different person too. It remains that for some reason, Five and Nine seems to have a very big rivalry going on, you can tell by their hair colour. Five remained in the institution and now works as a super intelligent and efficient agent. She has an english speaking agent, hinting that she is probably working for the USA in some fashion, but it is obvious that the organization which “raised” her is Japanese. I am curious to understand her motive and who she works for.

Zankyou no Terror Shibazaki

The only thing which was obvious was how amoral and dedicated to her task she was. She knew exactly how to corner Nine and Twelve, she knew what to do to force them out of their hiding hole and caught them in a single move. Five didn’t even had to create any great scheme seeing as Nine and Twelve did all the work themselves, they created their own demise and Five simply capitalized on it while discarding the life of everyone who might get caught in the explosion. Now the police will be a scape goat and will lose the case at the same time, so she will gain all authority on the matter and will be able to capture and detain Sphinx without risking them revealing any vital information to anyone else. Everything worked out perfectly for the secret organization to retain control of the situation.

Zankyou no Terror like home

In the end though, Nine and Twelve are rather weak. They couldn’t bring themselves to simply let their bomb explode and instead jumped right into the trap knowing full well what was going on. They might be super intelligent and competent, but if you have two equally strong side fighting one another, the righteous one will always succumb to evil, since justice is a burden his opponent doesn’t have to carry around. Cutting ties with any morality is a great way to get stronger after all, it opens up so many more possibilities which were all unavailable before.

It will be really interesting to see how Nine and Twelve will continue their charade now that 1. They were caught and 2. Five is there to destroy everything they are working on. I feel like things could escalate really quickly here…and I love it!

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