Zankyou no Terror episode 6: the Mind Game Begins!

Zankyou no Terror game of chess

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This episode ended at such a terrible point in the development of the action ! It is so painful, I feel cockblocked to the highest degree. There should be laws against good show pulling such cliffhangers, I am willing to bet they are responsible for so many broken monitor or TV. They sure are setting up this little game very well, I barely know Five and yet I already want to see what kind of opponent she is and how she hopes to corner the two of them. I know she is portrayed as being really competitive, she seems to have no moral and have no qualms about killing people in the purpose of her games. I just wonder on what point can Nine and Twelve beat her. Twelve is rather optimistic and physically able, Nine is intelligent and cold. How will their combined personality match against the competitive and crazy Five…I want to know already !

Zankyou no Terror Five the ass hole

It is rather odd, suddenly the roles of everyone has switched in this show, it sure keep things fresh and interesting. Now we have Sphinx trying to save people from terrorism, the FBI came over to capture the terrorists and are using act of terrorism to fish them out and meanwhile the police is trying to stop a bomb which might or might not exist. See, technically there is a bomb threat in the middle of an airport, it is all orchestrated by the FBI, but we haven’t seen the bomb yet. Even worse, as far as I am aware, Five is actually in the airport itself to have access to the feed of every camera there. It seems rather unlikely they would put an armed bomb where they are currently stationed.

Zankyou no Terror blaze it

Now, not to be rude to the valourous policemen who decided to disarm the bomb nonetheless, but there are 5 of them and I can only name 2 out of the 5, so between the one I can’t name, at least one of them will probably die. No way so many cops would go out to get the bomb without any of them dying or at the very least losing their job. Better prepare yourself, widows will most likely be made next episode. It was just a matter of time after all before the show finally had its first victim. This might be just wishful thinking on my part too, we’ll see.

Zankyou no Terror 5 police officer

Now, as final topic I just have to mention how happy I am that Lisa finally got some kind of part in Sphinx’s plan. She is currently the wild card in this operation against Five, she is clumsy, stupid and incapable. Those are probably all qualities Five would never expect to fight against. Anyone should know that the best way to defeat intelligent people is to be absolutely stupid. They will never anticipate any of your moves and will be turned powerless in front of your stupidity. I find it highly amusing to see that useless little girl voluntarily being used to participate in this terrorist operation. I think she doesn’t understand what she is involved with, she could either be the piece which will give victory to Nine and Twelve…or she’ll fuck everything up and be their doom. I just really wish we were next week already !

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