Zankyou no Terror episode 7: Blowing Up Planes

Zankyou no Terror Twelve

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I must admit despite how intense this episode was in term of action, there really wasn’t that much to discuss about it I find. We got to learn more about the power of Five and her weaknesses, but just about everything else we have already discussed in the past. I liked the episode, I just find that there isn’t that much to discuss about it, it explained a lot of thing and left me with little questions.

Zankyou no Terror detective

The one thing I can talk about is Five and how much weaker she was than I had anticipated. The girl looked vicious and intelligent and capable, but while she was vicious and intelligent, she overlooked way too many things and overestimate her abilities way too much. She was able to predict that chess game really well, but somehow she was unable to account for additional element to enter her game. She never considered for anything she planned to go wrong at any point, she didn’t seem to have any contingency plan and she used people as pawns instead of people. I can already sense that this will be her demise, she was unable to account for anyone getting in her way, she didn’t plan on any of her man failing to answer her order or for any person to get in her way. For someone who was trained to be great at those things, she sure doesn’t live up to her reputation.

Zankyou no Terror Five

I said that but, in the big picture I still believe that she won that one. She was able to rat out Twelve and Nine, she learned about their weaknesses, she manage to blame that explosion on them and she didn’t lose anything significant. In the end, Sphinx will still get the credit for that explosion, but they lost a lot of their anonymity and their movement will be severely restrained in future episode. We will probably see them have to go much more on the defensive. Maybe the detective will even start working with them to solve that situation, it is rather difficult to tell at this point which side he will choose in the end.

Zankyou no Terror caught

Another thing which annoys me a lot is how slowly and casually Five speaks English. She is asking for quick command and yet take FOREVER to say a single 3 word sentence. I think I could have said her entire English dialogue in the time it took her to say a single command. I think the bomb might have gone off before she was done talking if she were to say everything in English instead of switching to Japanese from time to time.

Zankyou no Terror tampon problem

Meanwhile, Lisa is becoming quite the nuisance for Sphinx already. She participate in only a single operation and she already became their Achilles’ heel. It really was no surprise, but it is kind of sad that it took so little time for her to screw everything up.  I really wouldn’t mind for her to die at this point, I feel she has already contributed enough to the story where her death could be her final contribution. Yet I have a feeling that her living is much more likely than her dying at this point. Twelve is resourceful and doesn’t seem interesting in letting her go.

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