Zankyou no Terror episode 9: Short Lived Geniuses

Zankyou no Terror Five dying

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After so long, we finally got the whole story about the Athena project. Detective Shibazaki was able to obtain the whole truth about that project and now everything slowly comes together as the story slowly closes all the remaining gaps. I must say I was a little unimpressed with the final story of the Athena project, I felt there wasn’t much we didn’t already knew. We learned more about the semantics, but most of it didn’t sound that relevant or important to me. The new important points we learn through this complete story of the Athena project is: the kids were all dying left and right and only 3 survived, the kids are all geniuses of specific domains, the project has been over for 7 years now.

Zankyou no Terror kid

Now Shibazaki knows that the case he was working so hard on previously is actually the same he is currently on. It suddenly all made sense to him, a sudden shock that paralyzed him, he now knows what the hell is going on and I’m sure he will somehow find way to help Sphinx solve it all before everything is over.

More interestingly than Shibazaki, we were not exactly aware that the survival rate of that project was so low. Suddenly we have an explanation to why Five is such a bitch and get headache so often, it seems that she is at the end of her rope. All sign seems to point out that Five was the only official survivor of the experiment, but she was bitter that her life was going to fade away at such a young age. She seems to want revenge for Twelve and Nine abandoning her 8 years ago. She wants to find someone to blame for the short cursed existence she is living. After all, somehow Nine and Twelve still seems okay physically speaking. Nine does have traumas and difficulty sleeping, but he doesn’t seem like he’s about to die.

Zankyou no Terror bomb defusing

Makes me wonder if Nine and Twelve are really safe from the early demise their friends were subject to, or if they will simply outlive them for another year or two. It is quite possible that Nine and Twelve are going to die too because of the drug they were exposed to as kids. If it were the case it could explain how the two of them are unable to lead a normal life. I can explain why they want to reveal the truth while they are still alive and able to tell the cruelty which occurred on Japanese soil. It would also explain why Twelve got so involved with Lisa, an otherwise loser looking girl.

Zankyou no Terror doomed kid

Lisa was thinking about ending her life when she met Twelve. Things were not going well for her, she had no more fun being in this world. If Twelve really is doomed to die an early death, it could be understandable that he wish to preserve her life, she could be one person who knew him and lived. After all, once Five, Nine and Twelve are dead, there won’t be a single soul to remember who they were. Twelve is probably trying to live in Lisa’s heart even after he leave this world. At the very least, those theories make sense to me.

With next episode marking the finale of Zankyou no Terror, we will probably get some pretty dramatic ending. That ending is the final test for Zankyou no Terror to remain one of the best show of the season. I really hope it will pass the test!

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