Zankyou no Terror episode 8: Terrorist or Activist?

Zankyou no Terror hostage

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It was always pretty evident that Lisa was trouble, but at this point I just don’t know how Twelve can possibly still want to do anything with Lisa. I would have ran away from such a clingy and useless girl ages ago, she doesn’t provide anything and she is just as or even more depressed than the two guys. She was just an angst teenager, she has no future, no happiness, no hope. What does she bring to those two? Is it simply because they are perfectionist and organized and Twelve is looking for some chaos and failure in his life? I must be too human and normal to understand the reasoning behind Twelve’s choices and attraction for Lisa, it must be something a simpleton like myself is unable to grasp.

Zankyou no Terror useless little Lisa

Now Lisa is hold hostage and ,usually, it wouldn’t do anything since she has so little information and matter so little. She wouldn’t be able to say anything capable of truly giving an edge to Five and Lisa was not useful in anything, so Sphinx can safely discard her and everything will be fine. Yet somehow, for some odd reasons, she is something much more because Twelve looks at her as if she was a precious little pet. So now in this, most likely final, arc Sphinx will have to rescue Lisa from Five, it will be a direct confrontation in which they have no plan and no advantages. I feel like the both of them don’t stand a chance with those odds, but I also believe that someone else will be coming along to put the odds on their side.

Zankyou no Terror Shibazaki

I am obviously speaking of our good friend Shibazaki. The guy has really taken it upon himself to look at this case and even went rogue to continue his detective work on it. Already this episode Shibazaki is revealing that he doesn’t consider Sphinx to be terrorist and instead he see them as activist and revolutionaries more than anything else. I will come back to that statement. It remains that in the end, I feel like it is only with the help of Shibazaki, once he’ll have figured out everything, that Sphinx will manage to succeed against Five.

Zankyou no Terror Mask on the Wall

Let us go back to that sentiment of Activist vs Terrorist. I found that comment particularly interesting this episode as it does point out how society in general perceives drastic movements in the world. The world terrorist only really emerged into the mainstream after the events of 9/11, it wasn’t something people talked about in the past. It isn’t like threats and bombs are something new. There were criminals and activist in the past too that went through drastic measure, but most of the time, those activist were seen as bringer of hope and new interesting ideology. They were people who denounced the authorities or the injustices of the world and pointed to problem with their society. Usually those people were seen as champion of the citizen. Yes they were causing chaos and sometimes things went really bad, but it is just in recent years that we collectively changed our mindset to consider those activist from people who pushed new ideologies to people who spread terror and fear. It makes you think about the way media and society in general want you to perceive change now a day and how good they got at it. Zankyou no Terror is an example of that concept, where terrorists are saving the world and I am even more excited than before to continue this show.

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