Z/X: Ignition episode 1 [First Impression]: Worlds at War

Z/X: Ignition enemy incoming

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Z/X introduction was off to a really serious and dramatic start, but then it all went to all in a matter of second once the show really started. the switch from apocalyptic end of the world to generic childish shounen with no real structure. The origin of the show has a game really goes to show after the introduction is over, the show is missing a lot of the meat it needed to be truly interesting to anyone wanting more than a pure action anime. If you love the works of Micheal Bay you can probably easily fall in love with Z/X: Ignition, but if you were looking to be told and interesting fantasy story with depth, I’m afraid this is not for you…or me.

I cannot say that Z/X: Ignition isn’t a good show, I’m sure I could watch it from A to Z without having an urge to end my life, but I don’t think this show has much to offer in the long term, I have my doubts it would be meaningful enough for me to ever remember it after having watched it. This is obviously only a first impression, but I seriously doubt this show will ever change to become something an bigger than what it seemed to be in this first episode, I expect a lot of explosion, battles and different neat creatures, yet I don’t have enough interest in those to justify watching this just for the pretty action scenes. I won’t be watching or blogging this show and I’d recommend it only if you are into mindless action shows.

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